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    Craftco - A Co-operative
    In Southwold Suffolk ---
    For East Anglian Makers 
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    Craftco - A Co-operative
    In Southwold Suffolk ---
    For East Anglian Makers 
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Welcome to the CRAFTCO shop in Southwold

CRAFTCO is an outlet for contemporary crafts and applied arts from East Anglia, with changing exhibitions in our upstairs gallery.

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Opening Times

Opening Times


Exhibitions 2017

Submit Your Work

Submit Work

About Us

The Great Eastern Craft Co-operative, or CRAFTCO for short, began in 1987 when ten local craftspeople formed a
co-operative and opened a shop and gallery in Southwold Market Place. Five years later they bought a house in the
High Street, originally a forge, which is now CRAFTCO.

With about 100 associate members, a core group runs and organises the shop. We meet monthly to discuss co-op business and consider newly submitted work. We are always interested in encouraging new makers. Our aim is to provide a permanent showcase for contemporary applied arts from East Anglia. Come and see our unique prints, ceramics, jewellery, textiles and toys. If you are interested in ordering any item, please phone 01502 723211 during opening hours.

  • "It's payday, so it's dangerous to be in here."

    "The highlight of my holidays is coming here and buying something."

  • "It brightens up a dull day, coming in here."

    "This is the most revered shop in the world."

  • "We've come from Oxford, and there's not a gallery there as nice as this one. You should expand."

    "If I won the lottery you'd have to close CRAFTCO as I'd buy everything."

Our Members

Our Associates

We have about 100 associate members, whose work is for sale in the shop. For more details, click on the links below.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by email or telephone, details of which are shown below the map.
Better still, come and visit our lovely shop in the charming coastal town of Southwold.

40A High Street, Southwold, Suffolk
01502 723 211