Submit work to CRAFTCO

We meet once a month to discuss co-op business and consider newly submitted work.
We consider work by any artists living and working in East Anglia.
CRAFTCO is a gallery/shop specialising in applied art.
This means we do not, as a general rule, exhibit photography and paintings.

Handmade in East Anglia

If you wish to submit work for consideration, please include details about yourself, contact details including email address, telephone number and prices for your work, taking into account our commission of 36% of the sale price. If you can, please bring a representative selection of your work into the shop in the first two weeks of the month, for consideration at our meeting later that month. If you are not offered a space in the shop, you may be considered for an exhibition by yourself or with another artist. Some work we may consider for a trial period, but we will contact you with the outcome.